Written by Vernon Peterson, Town Chairman for 28 years - from 1976 to 2004

The Daniels Town Hall began as the church building for the North Sweden Lutheran Religious Society.  The society was organized at Gustav Anderson's house at Dunham Creek on June 28, 1882.  In 1885, the members agreed to meet with the Ansgarius congregation near Wood River, four miles east of Grantsburg; a congregation that was organized in 1875.

Upon merger, the congregation planned to build a church on Pehr Erick Anderson's land at Mud Hen Lake.  Apparently the merger either did not materialize or failed to last because the Swedish Lutheran group built their own church, knows as the Mud Hen Lake Lutheran Church on Mud Hen Lake in 1886.

Around 1892, the Swedish Lutheran group did join the Angarius congregation, and they eventually put up a church in Falun, an unincorporated area 1-1/2 miles to the west, in 1899.  The Swedish Lutheran building, which later became the Daniels Town Hall, was sold for $300, rather than being torn down.

The Town of Daniels was created after the Town of Wood Lake had been divided into the Town of Wood River in 1906, and the Town of Daniels a year later.  During an afternoon session on November 13, 1906, the Burnett County Board of Supervisors adopted a county ordinance that changed the name of the area from Wood Lake to the Town of Daniels.


Daniels Town Hall - 1893 - 2014
Daniels Town Hall - 1893 - 2014